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Upgrade Parts for Axial SCX24

Upgrade Parts for Axial SCX24

Upgrade Parts for Axial SCX24

Axail Scx24 is a 1/24 scale RC car that is considered to be one of the best micro rock crawlers. As a very capable and cheap crawler, it has gained a lot of popularity and you can play with it indoors or outdoors, almost anyone can use it.

Why should I upgrade my scx24?

To boost driving performance, or for realistic looks, or maybe both.
The fun of an original rc vehicle is limited. But upgrades and modifications will bring much more fun.

What should I upgrade first?

1 Motor

This 050 66T motor is much more powerful than the stock motor.

2 Servo

The EMAX is a more powerful and affordable upgrade option.
This EMAX ES08MA II 12g servo is more powerful than the original axial servo.
Now to install this servo, an aluminum servo mount is required.
And once completed, this servo upgrade greatly improves the steering response.

3 Tires & Wheels

The best 1.0 beadlock wheels? Best is subjective, there really isn't a "best" different tires sometimes mount differently on different wheels. There's a bunch of options. Find a set that have the looks you like in your price range and go from there.

Wheel Rims

These 1.0 bead lock wheel rims are made of Aluminum alloy. Available in a variety of colors with beautiful metallic luster.
They are heavier than plastic wheels, which means they have some effect of lowering the center of gravity.



These soft rubber rock tires feature stepped blocks and multiple sipes that create unparalleled grip. Can handle tough terrain with a scale style. Fits wide range of 1.0" wheels.
These tires have even climbed 56 degree slopes in past tests.

Wheel Set

If our most popular wheels and tires are assembled together, these wheels are created. It is worth noting that a wheel set is $3.99 cheaper than the rims and tires combined. So the following items have become the choice of most hobbyists.

4 Shocks

The original scx24 shock is very weak.
I think the most worthwhile part of the SCX24 is the shock.


5 Brass Parts

One of the most popular methods to boost performance is to simply lower the center gravity of the RC crawler, so the tires stay planted on the surface and the truck rolls over less often.
Adding weight to the wheels and axles of this rig helps it

  1. lower the vehicles center of gravity
  2. increase its stability
  3. improve climbing
  4. reduce the chance for flipping backwards
  5. and make for an overall more capable crawler.

6 Aluminum Parts

If you don't want to go too crazy adding brass weights, aluminum upgrades could be a great alternative choice and unlike plastic aluminum will not flex.
Aluminum is a little heavier than the plastic material. So there's going to be a little bit of a weight gain with those aluminum parts.
It is not nearly as heavy as those brass parts will be, but it is going to be stronger and more rigid than both the plastic and the brass, which makes it a perfect material for these items below.

For the scx-24, you can get the links in aluminum, the skid plate in aluminum, the transfer case, various mounts and this great looking bumper with red d-rings in aluminum.



7 Hardware

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