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313mm Wheelbase Chassis with Prefixal Single/2-Speed Transmission for SCX10 II 90046

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Product Details

INJORA 313mm Wheelbase Metal Chassis Frame with Prefixal Single / 2-Speed Transmission for 1/10 RC Crawler Car Axial SCX10 90046
Single-Speed or 2-Speed Transmission of Chassis are optional.
Please confirm whick kit you want before place a order.
Use method of 2-Speed Transmission:
  • Note: Due to the use of different brands of Transmitter, the angle of small servo should be adjusted first . Don‘t deviate from the angle to cause the servo to jam.Please note that damage to the servo caused by improper operation is not covered by the warranty.
  • Using a 3-channel transmitter and a micro servo, you have control on demand. Shiftable transmission can be configured in one of two ways. Set it up for 2-speed using the high and low gears.
  • The rudder amount of the micro-servo should be adjusted to the minimum at the first use, and then adjusted to the appropriate vaule. Please shift transmission at low speed to prevent damage.
Replacement motor gear: 0.7M 15T 3.17mm Gear
Suit for 313mm wheelbase bodies:
  • A good choice to DIY and upgrade
  • Equipped with a micro servo for the 2-speed transmission chassis
  • Smooth transmission system, 313mm wheelbase chassis for 1/10 RC Crawler
  • Prefixal transmission gearbox design, is convenient to mount Jeep Wrangler body shell


  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Quantity: 1pcs
  • Weight: 1245g (Single-Speed) 1300g (2-Speed)
  • Length: 435mm / 17.13in
  • Frame Width: 76mm / 2.99in
  • Axle Width: 215mm / 8.46in
  • Wheelbase: 313mm / 12.3in
  • Motor Gear: 0.7M 15T
  • Gear Ratio of Transfer Case: 1:1.2 (Singe-Speed) 1:1 (2-Speed)
  • Gear Ratio of Single Speed Transmission: 1:8
  • Gear Ratio of 2-Speed Transmission: 1:8 (low gears) 1:4.8 (high gears)
Parts on this chassis:
Girder: 2PCS Metal Black/Red Girder Side Frame Chassis for SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee
Replacement Shocks:

313mm Wheelbase Chassis with Prefixal Single/2-Speed Transmission for SCX10 II 90046