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INJORA 313mm Wheelbase Chassis with Prefixal Single/2-Speed Transmission for SCX10 II 90046

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Product Details

INJORA 313mm Wheelbase Metal Chassis Frame with Prefixal Single / 2-Speed Transmission for 1/10 RC Crawler Car Axial SCX10 90046
Single-Speed or 2-Speed Transmission of Chassis are optional.
Please confirm which kit you want before place a order.
Use method of 2-Speed Transmission:
  • Note: Due to the use of different brands of Transmitter, the angle of small servo should be adjusted first . Don‘t deviate from the angle to cause the servo to jam.Please note that damage to the servo caused by improper operation is not covered by the warranty.
  • Using a 3-channel transmitter and a micro servo, you have control on demand. Shiftable transmission can be configured in one of two ways. Set it up for 2-speed using the high and low gears.
  • The rudder amount of the micro-servo should be adjusted to the minimum at the first use, and then adjusted to the appropriate vaule. Please shift transmission at low speed to prevent damage.
Compatible with this motor: INJORA 540 Brushed Motor 35T 45T 55T
Replacement motor gear: INJORA 0.7M 15T 3.17mm Gear
Suit for 313mm wheelbase bodies:
  • A good choice to DIY and upgrade
  • Equipped with a micro servo for the 2-speed transmission chassis
  • Smooth transmission system, 313mm wheelbase chassis for 1/10 RC Crawler
  • Prefixal transmission gearbox design, is convenient to mount Jeep Wrangler body shell


  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Quantity: 1pcs
  • Weight: 1245g (Single-Speed) 1300g (2-Speed)
  • Length: 435mm / 17.13in
  • Frame Width: 76mm / 2.99in
  • Axle Width: 215mm / 8.46in
  • Wheelbase: 313mm / 12.3in
  • Motor Gear: 0.7M 15T
  • Gear Ratio of Transfer Case: 1:1.2 (Singe-Speed) 1:1 (2-Speed)
  • Gear Ratio of Single Speed Transmission: 1:8
  • Gear Ratio of 2-Speed Transmission: 1:8 (low gears) 1:4.8 (high gears)
Parts on this chassis:
Girder: 2PCS Metal Black/Red Girder Side Frame Chassis for SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee
Replacement Shocks:

INJORA 313mm Wheelbase Chassis with Prefixal Single/2-Speed Transmission for SCX10 II 90046